How To Add A Printer To A Mac Desktop or Laptop

By roberrera | March 14, 2019
Adding a printer to a Mac notebook or laptop, like a Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, or IMac, is a simple procedure 99% of the time. One percent of the time it’s a hassle. Let’s hope your installation is hassle-free!
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Best Dog vs. Printer Videos On The Web

By roberrera | January 16, 2019
Everyone knows man’s best friend is his printer, but dogs come a close second. So why don’t dog vs. printer videos get the same amount of online love as cat vs. printer videos? We dig deep for doggy answers...and surplus, unused toner. 
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Why Is Toner Called Toner?

By roberrera | January 11, 2019
How did toner get its name? Like so many words in the English language the etymology of the word “toner” has a long, twisted past. But digging into history reveals the obscure origins of this now commonplace word.
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Best Printer Assaults On The Web

By roberrera | December 26, 2018
Printer abuse. It’s happening, and we need to talk about it. People like to break stuff. It’s human nature. We feel powerful attacking inanimate objects that can’t fight back. No office machine takes more abuse than the beloved printer.
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